The birth of a new empire in Queretaro

México - 2015/02/24 - When we speak of “La Loma”, we immediately know what we are talking about. But soon, we will have to ask “Are you speaking of La Loma in San Luis Potosí or in Queretaro?” MasTKD brings you exclusively the progress of the high performance center La Loma Queretaro. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

la loma queretaro


La Loma High Performance Center (CAR La Loma by its acronym in Spanish) located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has become in the last few years in a world reference when speaking of a place where countless teams and athletes arrive to make their preparations and concentration camps before an important sporting competition.  Spaniard Ireno Fargas´s work has been a significant key to success of this amazing sports center.

It has been many years now since MasTKD has worked closely with La Loma and mainly with Ireno Fargas, informing and promoting all the events involving Taekwondo as well as all the activities carried out in La Loma.

In 2011 we interviewed the person who persuaded Ireno Fargas in 2002 to join this huge project; Engineer Carlos López Medina, owner of La Loma San Luis Potosí, La Loma Golf and now La Loma Queretaro. Back then, he shared with us his vision to take La Loma to other states in Mexico, and even abroad.

MasTKD is very proud to be the first communication media to visit the new facilities and bring first-hand information to all of our readers about the new high performance center in Queretaro, an ambitious project which will be 50% larger than its branch in Potosí and it certainly cannot be compared to any  private center in the world.

The first phase is finished (there are three phases) which includes tennis courts, running track, Olympic swimming pools, soccer and football 7, a gym with the most modern cardio and strength machines and many of the most modern machines in the market.


la loma queretaro


Taekwondo is the third and final phase scheduled for completion in December 2015, with a dreamlike area of 1,600 square meters, divided into 500 square meters for kindergarten and little children; a small Disneyland training space will be created just for them.  And 1,100 square meters for high performance training, a unique place in the world for this purpose, with electronic systems, cameras, tracks, displays. Special equipment is being developed exclusively for this center, details of which are being kept secret until its inauguration.

The new high performance center La Loma in Queretaro will also be managed by Ireno Fargas because, in the words of the corporate executives, keeping Fargas as head of both high performance centers gives them an “international status” impossible to get with another person.

According to information given to MasTKD by Fargas himself, he will be travelling between Queretaro and San Luis Potosí until La Loma executives and associates determine the specific location for the high performance trainings and international events related to Taekwondo.


Coaching Staff

When asked about who will be responsible for the training sessions and who will be the coaches in Querétaro, Ireno preferred to be cautious and did not mention any names at the moment. However, he did say that they have approached three renowned athletes who are almost at the end of their sporting career as competing athletes and that they could start their coaching career in La Loma. Their integration to the technical staff at La Loma Queretaro would undoubtedly give much more prestige to the center. . “In May, we plan to have meetings with each of them individually and then all together in order to discuss the project guidelines in each of the Taekwondo disciplines”, explained Fargas.


Design of the Taekwondo area

The responsible of designing the Taekwondo areas in La Loma Querétaro is Engineer Jon Song, who has over 25 years’ experience in advanced technology development in communication intelligence for defense research as well as inertial navigation systems and directional sensing for oil drilling operation. In addition, he has electrical engineering degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and Cornell University; he also holds a 1st Dan Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He also served in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer.

Song will design the specific area for Taekwondo; as revealed by Fargas there will be electronic systems never seen before that will help teams in their training session, it will be “a totally unique equipment for this center” said Fargas.

Jin Song is the creator and first developer of the Daedo electronic protectors and headgears, and as we all know his creations have been present in huge and significant events such as the world championships the London Olympic Games and will be present in Rio 2016, certainly the best for a project of this magnitude.


la loma queretaro
Jin Song is the creator and first developer of the Daedo electronic protectors and headgears.



La Loma-MasTKD relationship

“La Loma and MasTKD have always been an excellent duo, with quick, efficient and clear information about the organization of La Loma events and training camps, which undoubtedly represents a great success for both parties. That’s why we wanted MasTKD to be the first communication media in visiting the new facilities in Queretaro and inform the whole world that we are not settled with only La Loma in San Luis Potosí. We grew side by side with MasTKD, Claudio, Laura and Matias and we are proud to continue to do so permanently, innovating and surprising the Taekwondo community around the world, working together shoulder to shoulder with the world leader in information about Taekwondo “, Ireno Fargas concluded.




Francisco Keller, Exclusive MasTKD

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