New directors for ETU Committees

Greece - 2015/02/03 - The president of the European Taekwondo Union, Sakis Pragalos, appointed new Directors of the various ETU committees.  Here the details. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

etu council meeting


The European Taekwondo Union, through its president Sakis Pragalos, appointed new directors for the different committees, which are led by  specialists in the area and one member can work in different committees.

The new directors will replace their predecessors according to ETU.  The new directors will hold their positions during one year and ETU will notify each one by an official statement.


Technical Committee: Cito Angelo (Italy)

Referee Committee: Chakir Chelbat (Sweden)

Games Committee: Philippe Bouedo (France)

Poomsae Committee: Park Soo Nam (Germany)

Economic and Financial Committee: Igor Iuzefovici (Moldova)

Public Relations Committee: Ivan Banchevski (Bulgaria)

Marketing Committee: Zoran Cendic (Serbia)

Legal Committee: Leandros Lefakis (Greece)

Scientific Committee: Mike McKenzie (UK)

Poomsae Committee A-Class: Mustapha Moutarazak (Netherlands)

Athlete and Coach Committee: Antonio Barbarino (Germany)

ETU Taekwondo Academy: Panikos Loizou (Cyprus)

Youth Committee: Miroslav Brezan (Croatia)

Women Committee: Elena Benitez (Spain)

Medical Committee: Giannis Theodorakis (Greece)

Doping Control Committee: Panagiotis Karagounis (Greece)

Para-Taekwondo Committe: Paul Viscogliosi (France)

Fair Play Committee: Abdenbi Amhand (Switzerland)

Solidarity Committee: Evgeny U. Klyuchnikov (Russia)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Athanasios Strigas (Greece)

TV and media Committee: Effie Zikouli (Greece)

Ethics Committee: Vassiliki Avgoustinou (Greece)


Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD



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