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United States - 2015/02/11 - PATU President, Ji Ho Choi, spoke exclusively with MasTKD about various topics such as the use of headgears in the Qualification Tournament for Toronto 2015, the certification for coaches and the dates of the Pan American Para-Taekwondo championships.  Find out the details. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

ji ho choi


The President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, Ji Ho Choi, spoke exclusively with MasTKD, about various important issues.


The historic inclusion of Para-Taekwondo in the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 has had a great impact worldwide, and PATU, as one of the pioneers in the practice of this discipline, will continue its support, as confirmed by Choi:  “We are working hard for the benefit of everyone in PATU, especially the development of Para-Taekwondo.  Fernando Akilian, PATU Para-Taekwondo Committee Chairman is doing a great job; he is working on the development of Para-Taekwondo in the continent and he is constantly informing us about the progress of the committee activities.  The WTF has asked us to continue promoting and diffusing Para-Taekwondo; that is why, the Pan American Para-Taekwondo Championships and the Pan American Junior Championships will be held in Barranquilla, Colombia next September and, as usual, we will do our best effort for the success of both events.”


On the other hand, speaking about the position of Secretary General which is vacant due to Roberto Beltran´s resignation, Choi said:  “We are looking for the ideal person for that position.  Roberto Beltran presented his resignation due to personal reasons and the position is still vacant.  I am open to receive recommendations and would be of great help if the person is bilingual.   However, we don´t have any names yet.”


Speaking about the use of Protector Scoring Systems in PATU events, Choi confirmed:  “Each organizing committee is free to choose which PSS to use in its “G” event.  Today, I can confirm that the two events organized by PATU will used Daedo.  As for the other open championships in the area, each organizing committee, as I said, can choose between KP&P or Daedo”


Asked about whether electronic headgears will be used in the Qualification Tournament for Toronto 2015 in Aguascalientes next March, he replied:  “No, in the Qualification Tournament we won´t use electronic headgears.  As for the Pan American Games in Toronto, we are analyzing the possibility to use them based on their performance in other events.   The final decision will be informed in due time.”


To finish our conversation with Master Choi, we asked him about the coach certification courses (See related article) which had generated some confusion in the region:  “We are giving all coaches, who want to coach in any WTF or PATU sanctioned event, the opportunity to educate themselves and to update their knowledge about the competition rules and information about global competition.  The content of the courses is the same as the courses given in Europe and the rest of the world.  The cost of the course is $300.00, and the certification will allow them to coach in any event held in any part of the world.  The certification will be valid for a year and it must be revalidated annually.   This is a benefit for the coaches as they just have to pay $300 once.  On the other hand, if they don´t take the course, they will have to pay $300 in each event in which they want to coach.  The certification course will save costs.  PATU is always looking for the benefit for all.  In Aguascalientes, a coach certification course will be held prior to the qualification tournament,”  said Choi exclusively to MasTKD.



Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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