Sakis Pragalos: “Europe is very united”

Greece - 2015/01/27 - The President of the European Taekwondo Union spoke exclusively with MasTKD about the development of Taekwondo in Europe and the tight schedule in 2015. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Sakis Pragalos


Sakis Pragalos, President of the European Taekwondo Union spoke exclusively with MasTKD  about the different events in which ETU will be involved in 2015.   “Our agenda is pretty busy but we are organized for this 2015. We continue to grow and to work harder so Taekwondo continues to improve in Europe”, said the ETU President.

Europe is organizing for the first time the European Games, a huge event that brings huge responsibilities and obligations. “All the preparations are underway; we have staff dedicated to that event working daily in order to get things turn out as planned.  The best ranked athletes taking into account the March 31 WTF Olympic ranking will qualify directly to the European Games.  We are on the right track”, said Pragalos during the exclusive interview with MasTKD. (Qualifying Process for the European Games).

Moving on a different matter, regarding the dismissal of Jean-Marie Ayer as WTF Secretary General, the ETU President gave his point of view: “Undoubtedly, this decision was made seeking the benefit of our sport.  The steady growth of Taekwondo worldwide required opening a liaison office abroad; however the person who holds the position of secretary general should be close to the president.  Many in Europe were surprised, but Dr. Choue, as our leader, has led our institution in the best way and this is certainly a decision that will benefit everyone, “said Sakis Pragalos.

Due to the growth of Taekwondo in Europe, ETU has opened an office in Sweden.  “Europe is very united and that is why we recently opened an office in Sweden which is directed by Chakir Chelbat;  he will be responsible for keeping a close communication with the Scandinavian countries”  said Pragalos to MasTKD.

“We are working with a new online system that keeps everyone updated. The WTF information comes through the MNA releases, and sometimes this information does not reach everyone, so we set up this system that notifies the MNA, the coaches and the MNA members of any news or release”   said ETU President.

When asked about the Awards given by MasTKD  readers for “The Best in 2014”, where Europe got the majority of the awards, he said:  “I follow MasTKD every day, in fact I was one of the voters.  Many times I logged in and voted for the Europeans (laughs).  I want to take this opportunity to tell you that indeed you are doing a great job and I congratulate you“said Pragalos exclusively to MasTKD.

We’re always working towards increasing the level of Taekwondo in all areas in Europe that is why we are offering courses for coaches given by Chakir Chelbat and Philippe Bouedo.  We have already set the dates during 2015 in different European cities.  On the other hand, I want to thank MasTKD for always keeping the global Taekwondo family informed” concluded Pragalos exclusively to MasTKD.


Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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