Cuba would ask for a penalty reduction

Cuba - 2015/01/26 - The Cuban Taekwondo Federation would make the necessary process in order to obtain a reduction to the one-year ban imposed on Glenhis Hernandez, after she got suspended during the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2014 Veracruz.  MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Glenhis Hernández

Glenhis-Hernandez_The World Champion received a one-year ban when she was found performing an offensive sign to show her disagreement on the podium when she got the silver medal during the award medal ceremony at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz last November.  Carlos Banasco, President of the Cuban Taekwondo Federation said that Cuba is making all necessary arrangements to get a penalty reduction considering the good behavior shown by the athlete since then.

The incident was denied until the last minute alleging that the sign was not an insult; she stated that she actually had an injury that prevented her to flex her middle finger.     It was the PATU officials themselves that realized that the sign on the podium was made with the left hand and not with the right hand where the Cuban medical staff put the bandage.

As the evidence was obvious, the Pan American Taekwondo Union immediately suspended for one year the Cuban athlete Glenhis Hernandez, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015,

Carlos Banasco explained that he is making the necessary process with relevant legal authorities towards reducing the penalty, since, according to the regulations of the International Olympic Committee, an athlete could get a penalty reduction after six months.

If the Cuban Federation gets the penalty reduction,  Glenhis Hernandez could compete at the  Pan American Games in Toronto, as long as another athlete gets the qualification for Cuba in the same weight category.


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