Belgium suspended by ETU

Belgium - 2015/01/28 - After many years of internal division and discrepancies, the European Taekwondo Union suspended the Belgian Federation.  The straw that broke the camel's back was the many faults to the ETU and WTF Statutes. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Steve Grommen (Belgium)



Belgian taekwondo logoThe “Union Nationale Belge Taekwondo” gathered the three associations involved in Taekwondo in Belgium (the French, the German and the Dutch); however, during the past years these three institutions have had many differences and discrepancies which led to serious faults to the WTF and ETU Statutes, leaving the ETU no other choice than to suspend the Belgian institution which until now was led by Steve Grommen.

“The WTF and ETU Statutes and Regulations were not complied by the Union Nationale Belge Taekwondo.  The institution was not managed democratically but was governed by a minority.  We don´t want to damage the development of the Belgian athletes” said Sakis Pragalos in an exclusive interview with MasTKD.

“The Taekwondo community must be united, and unity was missing in Belgium.  No one must be left aside.” continued Pragalos during his talk with MasTKD.

The head of ETU told MasTKD that this situation will change when the process of democratic elections is held.  He also reconfirmed that they do not want the athletes to be affected by this decision and that they will be able to compete in international events representing ETU.

The European Taekwondo Union, will closely monitor all matters relating to the new elections in Belgium, making sure that the process is made democratically and most important:  that all members are listened to.

We will continue informing about this matter.  Stay tuned to MasTKD.


Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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