The Referees for the GP Final

México - 2014/12/02 - The work of the referees already started. The preparation is carried out in one of the halls of the Queretaro Convention Center where they are receiving information about the innovation to be included in this event. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Chakir Chelbat in Queretaro 2014


Under the direction of Chakir Chebat Chairman of the WTF Referee Committee, thirty international referees were selected from the five continents.



  • America
    • María Andrea Mancuso (ARG)
    • Luis Drosghic Mendoza (BRA)
    • Song Chul Kim (CAN)
    • Barbara Ruth Marian (CAN)
    • Sandra Magally Peña (COL)
    • Marco Vinicio Prado (GUA)
    • Mario Ruiz Solis (MEX)
    • Nubia E. Segundo (MEX)
    • Neydis Tavarez (PUR)
    • Anne Gray Chase (USA)
    • Guillermo Antonio Rodríguez (VEN)
  • Europe
    • Kwang Cheol Oh (AZE)
    • Abdelhak Chbibi (BEL)
    • María Bravo (ESP)
    • Serge Sembona (FRA)
    • Christopher Codling (GBR)
    • Thekla Oetjens-Breitenfeld (GER)
    • Denis Kim (RUS)
    • Elizaveta Tarasevich (RUS)
    • Fatih Catikkas (TUR)
  • Asia
    • Hafez Mahdavi (IRI)
    • Jae Bong Lee (KOR)
    • Daniel Khorassandjian (LIB)
    • Teong Chin Lim (SIN)
    • Kalaya Suddi (THA)
    • Tung Ya Ling (TPE)
  • Africa
    • Emmanuella Perpetue (CIV)
    • Margaret Achibi (NGR)
  • Oceania
    • Maher Magableh (AUS)
    • Stanley Wagner (NZL)



2 referees class “S”

8 First class

12 Second class

4 Third class

4 class “P”.


13 out of the 30 referees invited are women.  The Pan American area has 11 representatives, Europe 9, Asia 6, Africa 2 and Oceania 2.


referee meeting in Queretaro 12-01-14_Grand-Prix_MEX__DSC0032jpg12-01-14_Grand-Prix_MEX__DSC0032


Alex Korram, Exclusivo MasTKD


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