Poomsae has its place in America

Colombia - 2014/12/12 - In Medellin, Colombia the International Poomsae Training Center will be opened and led by Grand Master Oskar Posada, 9th DAN. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Oskar Posada Poomsae Training Center


For the first time, our continent will have a specialized center to train traditional and competition poomsae which will be lead by the multi medalist, and a eminence in the field, Colombian Master Oskar Posada.

The doors of the “Grand Master Oskar Posada Training Center” are opened and already waiting for delegations from different countries to arrive and train with the latest changes and development as far as Poomsae is concerned.

Medellín wants to become the “Continental Capital of Poomsae” and it could not be otherwise than under the direction of Grandmaster Posada.

“We opened this Poomsae international training center with the idea of providing a place for all those who, like me, love this discipline and are constantly looking for ways to train in the best structural conditions. This center has all the structure necessary to train Poomsae, and the athlete will be able to train under my direction and I will gladly share my 46-year experience with all of them” commented Grandmaster Oskar Posada.

Similar to Europe and Asia, now America has its own center designed especially to the practice and training of Poomsae giving all Latin American athletes a great opportunity to grow and develop their techniques in America and avoiding making huge investments in travelling abroad.

For more information you can communicate to oskarposada@yahoo.com



Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD

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