Head of Team Meeting before the GP Final

México - 2014/12/02 - Yesterday the Head of Team meeting was held at the Convention Center in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. 27 representatives of the MNA´s attended the meeting where the Organization informed about the details of the competition. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

Head of Team meeting Queretaro


The conference began at 16:00 (local time) with the presence of Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado president of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, Jin Bang Yang, Director of the WTF Technical Committee, Chakir Chelbat, Chairman of the WTF Referee Committee, Philippe Bouedo, Chairman WTF Games Committee, Paul Viscogliosi, Director of the WTF Medical Committee, Dai Won Moon, WTF Council Member, Jay Lee, director of the WTF Sport Division.

With welcoming words Dai Won Moon, Juan Manuel Lopez and Jin Yang Bang opened the meeting.  The first to speak was Philippe Bouedo, Director of the WTF Games Committee. “Among the important things to highlight is that each coach will be allowed to appeal one time.  In case the coach has lost his right to appeal, he will be given one more chance to appeal during the Final and the combat for the third place.”

They also informed that the official list of competitors changed as, due to technical errors, they forgot to add ranking point to some athletes, consequently the positions in the ranking changed.  “Athlete Wu Jingyu, -49 kg from China will not compete due to last minute medical problems.  That is why Brazil, No. 9, will take her place.” He continued Bouedo.

The Drawing of Lots  will be provided tomorrow after all the athletes compete the corresponding weighing.

Chakir Chelbat, Chairman of the WTF Referee Committee informed that Daedo will be used and Darthfish will provide the video replay service with with 4 cameras.

Coaches will be allowed to request video replay just in action to the face, not to the head because electronic headgears will be used.  If an athlete receives a strong kick, the central referee will stop the fight and will make a protection count and the he will request a video replay of the action to verify it.  After this decision, coaches will be allowed appeal if they are not satisfied.

“This time we will not give a card to request a video replay, instead we will give you a box with a microphone.  When you need a video replay you will push a button and the microphone will be automatically open.  An audio signal will be sent to the central referee.  If the request is accepted, a circle will be displayed, if not accepted an X will be displayed”, informed Chelbat to the coaches who attended the meeting.

Head of team Meeting Queretaro 2014-12-01_104954x_GPFinal_CongresoTecnico_DSC0084



Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

Photos: Marcos López Rodríguez



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