Eva Calvo and Mehdi Khodabakhshi, taking the lead

International - 2014/12/11 - The choice to determine who has been the best in 2014 continues; in some cases the battle is very close. Here you will find the partial results, based on 6218 decisions.

The nominees are divided into the following eight groups.

1) Best Female Athlete

2) Best Male Athlete

3) Best Female Coach

4) Best Male Coach

5) Best Female Team

6) Best Male Team

7) Best Female Referee

8) Best Male Referee


The voting process will be opened until December 31, 2014:

These are the partial results:


2014-12-10_105445x_03_AtletaMas 2014-12-10_105445x_03_AtletaFem 2014-12-10_105445x_03_arbitroMas 2014-12-10_105445x_03_arbitroFem 2014-12-10_105445x_03_EquipoMas 2014-12-10_105445x_03_EquipoFem 2014-12-10_105445x_03_CoachMas 2014-12-10_105445x_03_CoachFem



You may vote here:


MasTKD Awards 2014



Laura López Rodríguez, Exclusive MasTKD

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