WTF Event Schedule for 2015

International - 2014/11/11 - The WTF carried out a restructuring of the calendar of events, establishing key dates for the WTF sanctioned events in order to give all the MNA´s the possibility make a good planning in advanced. MasTKD ESPAÑOL



The World Taekwondo Federation made an excellent decisión by establishing key dates for the most important events to be held next year,  searching to establish a regular schedule and therefore benefitting all the MNA´s.

All interested in conducting a WTF sanctioned event must adhere to the Schedule we present below:

WTF 2015 event schedule


It is important to highlight the dates in which certain events should be carried out:


  • G1: between February and December.
  • G2: between February and June.
  • Continental Championships: between February and June. (advisable between April and June every two years and one year after the World Cup.)
  • Junior and Cadet World Championships (to be held in a single event starting in 2016) even numbered years only.
  • World Para-Taekwondo Championships and for deaf (to be carried out in a single event starting in 2017): odd numbered years only.




Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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