“We want to improve Taekwondo in Europe”

Sweden - 2014/11/18 - Several seminars for coaches across Europe were given by Chakir Chelbat, Chairman of the WTF Referee Committee and Philippe Bouedo, Chairman of the WTF Games Committee in order to continue the development of Taekwondo in the European continent. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

coach seminars in ETU


A series of seminars for coaches have been offered in Europe in the last months.  Under the direction of  Chakir Chelbat, Chairman of the WTF Referee Committee and Philippe Bouedo, Chairman of the WTF Games Committee, these courses have been successful:  twice in Rome, Italy, with 200 participants in the first edition and 300 for the second; Zagreb, Croatia, with 160 participants; Dresden and Dusseldorf, Germany, with 120 and 165 respectively.

“Our intention is that all club coaches in Europe have access to the latest information and that they can also receive the respective training so we are all at the same level.  In short, we want to improve Taekwondo level in Europe,” said Chakir Chelbat in the exclusive interview with MasTKD.

“The latest changes in the Competition Rules, the WTF Ranking and its process, the Grand Prix rules and all the WTF rules and guidelines are the theoretical elements that we use in the workshop for all ETU coaches”  said Chelbat when asked about the seminars content.

This idea was born thanks to the constant work meetings under the leadership of Sakis Pragalos, President of the European Taekwondo Union following the guidelines set by the WTF to expand knowledge through educational programs.

“We always look for ways to implement new ideas to continue the development in ETU together with Mr. Pragalos, Mr. Bouedo and Mr. Angelo Cito, Secretary-General of the Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA) and also Chairman of the Technical Committee and Council member of ETU, who has been a key element in this projects due to his professionalism” said Chelbat to MasTKD.

coach seminars in ETU
Giovanni Malagò, President of the CONI during the opening ceremony of one of the Seminas in Rome, Italy.


“We are open to working with other continental unions if they make the application.  Of course, I think that this type of seminars and trainings are very useful and important for the development of Taekwondo around the world.  As Dr. Choue said,we must work together so that the Rio 2016 Olympics will become the best in the history of our sport”.

With this initiative, all coaches in Europe must have the certificate authorized by ETU in order to be able to participate in any competition sanctioned by ETU or WTF.

“We also emphasize on professional ethics, discipline of coaches within the competition, with the intention to have always fair play and show a good image to everyone” concluded Chelbat during the conversation with MasTKD.



Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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