Spain, maximum power of the West

Spain - 2014/11/05 - We have regarded the Spanish Taekwondo Team as the 2nd world power behind Korea;  when we see the numbers of the Worlds, European, Olympic championships and World Cups, we realize what "Furia Roja”  (Red Fury) really means. Here the statistics.

Spanish National Team


Find out about the World, Olympic and European medalists Spain has had throughout its history. Statistics places Spain as the “Second World Power” (106 world medals and  19 Olympic medals), but absolute leaders in the West.

Spain has achieved what no country other than South Korea ever reached:   106 World Medals, (23 golds, 22 silver and 61 bronze). The first world medals for Spain were achieved in 1977 in Chicago, USA, and  six years later, Ireno Fargas was crowned as the first World Champion from Spain in Copenhagen 1983, while Coral Bistuer would be the first Spanish woman who became World Champion two years later in Seoul 85.

As an important fact that places Spain as one of the strongest countries in the world, it is worth remembering that Jose Jesus “Pepeillo” Marquez was the first non-Korean to become World Champion twice (Philippines 95 Hong Kong 97) and Brigitte Yague is the first woman in the history of the World Championships to become World Champion three times:  Garmisch 2003, Beijing 2007 and Copenhagen 2009.

Here the list of athletes whose successes have made Spain a world power:




Francisco Keller, Exclusive MasTKD




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