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Ready for Grand Prix Final

México - 2014/11/21 - The best of the best, the Taekwondo elite, will soon be arriving at Queretaro, Mexico, when the Grand Prix Final will take place on December 3-4, 2014. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

GP Final 2014


The Querétaro Convention Center will be the scenario where the Taekwondo elite will gather for the last and most important Grand Prix edition. The Mexican Taekwondo Federation (FMTKD) is working tirelessly to show an innovative and spectacular event.


This event is ranked as G-8 and the WTF sent the invitation to the top eight athletes in each weight category, based on the November ranking.  Each MNA will be able to send a maximum of two athletes in each weight division.

The WTF emphasized that if an athlete does not participate without giving a reasonable justification, he/she would not be invited for future GP events


The financial prizes for those who will get on the podium will be the following:

First Place: USD 6,000.00

Second: USD 3,000.00

Third places: USD 1,000.00


WTF ranking points to be awarded:

First Place: 80 points.

Second place: 48 points.

Third places: 28.8 points.

Fourth places: 17.28 points.

Fifth places: 12.10 points.


This means that an athlete will get 12.10 ranking points even if he/she loses his/her first combat.  These points are more than the ones an athlete gets when becoming champion in a G-1 event. This privilege is given to the Taekwondo elite who competes in this high level competition.


Details of the competition:

Thirty international referees will be invited

Daedo PSS will be used, including the electronic headgear

Video Replay system

The Draw Sheets and Head of Team Meeting will be held two days before the competition

Coaches will be required to wear a suit

All accredited physicians will be required to attend a meeting where the WTF Medical Code will be thoroughly analyzed.

gp final 2014


Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD


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