The “Oscars” of the WTF

International - 2014/11/12 - The event will be held on December 5 in the city of Queretaro and for the first time the WTF will recognize the best of Taekwondo in the world. MasTKD Español

wtf oscar night


For the first time ever, the WTF will have an award ceremony to recognize the work of the best in Taekwondo during this year.

Just like the Oscar Award Ceremony, the WTF Gala Dinner will be a great a historic celebration in Taekwondo.

And there is no other better place in the planet than Mexico; the city of Queretaro in Mexico will host this innovative event which will be held on December 5, 2014, between the WTF World Grand Prix Final and the 2014 World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships.


During this Gala, for the first time, the WTF will give award to the best in Taekwondo;  some of the categories will be the following:


Best Male Athlete

Best Female Athlete

Best Male Coach

Best Female Coach

Best Sports Leader

Country with the best Taekwondo development

Best Male Referee

Best Female Referee


The dress code will be one of the peculiarities of this Gala as all guests (athletes, coaches, officials and referees) will be required to dress in black and white only; while this time wearing a tuxedo will not be required, they will be strict in observing the dress code required for this Gala, a new proposal that seeks to improve the image and presence of our sport to the world.


Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD

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