New process for WTF-sanctioned events

International - 2014/11/11 - The World Taekwondo Federation sent the guidelines related to the new process of the WTF-sanctioned international open tournaments.  Here you will find the details. MasTKD ESPAÑOL



In a letter sent to all MNA´s, the WTF informed about the new process to organize a WTF-sanctioned event.  “This new process is intended to ensure continental unions are actively involved in the sanctioning process and we hope that this process will help ensure that WTF-sanctioned international open tournaments take place in compliance with the WTF Competition Rules under strict monitoring by each continental union” says the letter.


What are the steps to follow to organize an event sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation?   We transcribe the steps here:


Release of application form

Each Continental Union (CU) is requested to send out the application form to pertinent member national associations (MNA) by no later than November 10, 2014.


Receipt of the application form

Any MNA wishing to organize WTF-sanctioned international open tournament should submit a letter of  request and the application form signed by the MNA President to the CU, together with sanction fee of US$5,000 (to CU) by no later than November 21, 2014. Application after this date should not be accepted.  Each MNA can only apply to the pertinent CU a maximum of one (1) open tournament per year


Screening of the application

Upon receipt of the applications, the CU screens the applications mainly checking the compliance of the WTF Competition Rules and other requirements

The CUs shall recommend to the WTF with the list of successful International Open Tournament by no later than November 28, 2014. The CUs shall refund the sanction fee to those MNAs whose application has been rejected either by the CU or the WTF. There is no limit in the number of international open tournaments for a CU to apply for WTF sanction provided that those open tournaments are in strict compliance with the WTF Competition Rules.


Announcement of successful WTF-sanctioned international open tournament

Upon receipt of the recommendation, the WTF shall announce the successful WTF-sanctioned international Open tournament by no later than December 1, 2014.


Evaluation of the performances of WTF-sanctioned international open tournament

Each year, the WTF will initiate the evaluation of all WTF-sanctioned international open tournaments and will choose the five (5) open tournaments that have achieved the best results. These 5 open tournaments shall be granted G2 status in the following year.



WTF sanction shall not be renewed automatically. MNAs must apply for WTF approval every year through the procedures mentioned above.


Number of WTF-sanctioned international tournaments

There is no limit of G1 per continent

only five (5) open tournaments will be granted  G2 status by the WTF



This new process shall be enforced from the year of 2014 for sanctioning tournaments for the year of 2015.   The sanctioning process for 2016 will take place in the year of 2015.



Alex Korram,  masTKD

Source:  WTF


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