“MasTKD Pound for Pound” it´s here!

International - 2014/11/17 - MasTKD presents an adapted version of the WTF Olympic Ranking, showing the top forty athletes divided into male and female regardless of weight division.

King and Queen


Motivated by the legendary American magazine specialized in boxing, “The Ring”, which publishes its own ranking called “Pound for Pound”, we decided to do something similar by publishing the list of top forty taekwondo athletes taking into account the points accumulated by each one in the WTF Olympic Ranking, regardless of their  weight category.


Whenever the World Taekwondo Federation publishes the updated Olympic Ranking, we will issue the “MasTKD Pound for Pound”.


How the “MasTKD Pound for Pound” ranking be presented?

The “MasTKD Pound for Pound” will be presented each month in two different publications:  Male and Female; this will be the only distinction in this ranking.


How many athletes will appear in this ranking?

Our readers will find two rankings:  Female and Male in which we will present the Top 40. Additionally we will highlight the top ten, showing the athlete´s photo, personal data and main titles.


It will be very interesting to see the score changes in each month and realize that many athletes who have a great position in their respective division, are not as well positioned in the overall computing as presented by “MasTKD Pound for Pound”.

We are continually trying to give a different approach to our sport, so we invite all our readers to enjoy this new section and send us your opinions about this innovation.





Francisco Keller, Exclusive MasTKD

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