Everybody will get ranking points in G-events

International - 2014/11/11 - Starting 2015 all competitors participating in a WTF-sanctioned event ranked as G will get ranking points. Additionally, there will be a limit in accumulating ranking points in G1 and G2 events. Here all the details. MasTKD ESPAÑOL



Starting next year, virtually all athletes attending events ranked as G will get ranking points in their quest to get to Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Here you will find out how many points you would get based on what round you finish your participation.

wtf ranking points in g events


Regarding G events, when participating athletes are less than eight (8), the points awarded will be the following:




Finally it should be noted that over a year a competitor can accumulate a maximum of 60 points in G1 and G2 events. Additionally, the athlete who competes in events of a higher rank, such as continental championships, world championships, multi-sports events and Grand Prix, would be able to accumulate more points.




Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD


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