ETU Council meets in Belek, Turkey

Turkey - 2014/11/26 - The ETU Council convened for its periodical meeting in Belek, Turkey, on the occasion of the European Para-Taekwondo Championships. .On the agenda were some important issues to discuss and decide upon.

etu logoOne of the items was the case of Belgium and its membership. Also the WTF Licence system was discussed among the council members as well as amendments of the ETU Statutes.

The Council made an important decision on the UNBTU (Belgium) and decided that the ETU member will be suspended by ETU as soon as the ETU General Assembly ratifies this decision of the Council. The UNBTU has been in gross violation of both WTF and ETU statutes and regulations. In addition, the NOC of Belgium reported that the UNBTU currently does not represent the majority of the taekwondo practitioners in Belgium. Therefore, the Council decided to suspend the UNBTU and ordered new and democratic elections. ETU will appoint a Special Envoy who will be mandated to both organize and oversee the fair and transparent election process in order to make sure all athletes and clubs in Belgium are heard.

Together with WTF, ETU held conversations to introduce the WTF licence within the MNAs. ETU will introduce the licence as mandatory for all athletes competing at national events in MNAs. ETU will now continue its dialogue with WTF in order to finalize the process.

The appeal of the Swedish Federation with regard to their suspension will be further investigated by the appointed Investigations Committee. The committee is to report back to the Appeal Committee who is likely to take a final decision on the matter in February of next year. Until this time, the Swedish athletes can compete at events, but under the flag of ETU. In the appeal period, the any decision taken by the General Assembly of the federation will not be accepted, unless the federation has been in full compliance with WTF and ETU statutes and regulations.

The Council approved the amendments of the ETU statutes and the introduction of the bylaw Disciplinary Resolution and Disciplinary Action. A progress report on the inaugural European Games was presented to the Council. The OC in Baku is working hard to be ready in June 2015 and with less than 200 days to go, time is very precious.

Serbia applied to host the next European Poomsae championships in Belgrade, in 2015. The Council welcomed the application and approved for Serbia to host the event. It will take place on 26-28 June 2015.


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Source:  ETU

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