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México - 2014/11/25 - The Querétaro Convention Center will host the top teams that will feature the most attractive combat performance when the WTF World Cup Teaekwondo Team Championshps kicks off on December 6, and Mexico, the World House of Taekwondo, shines again. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

As published by MasTKD, the World Taekwondo Federation sent the invitations to the 16 best teams.

Invitations and choosing these 16 teams was based on their positions at the world championships held in Puebla last year.  If any of the teams do not confirm their participation, the invitation is open to all national associations  and those who are interested  should submit the relevant application to WTF, and the Technical Delegate will decide which team will be accepted.


Below we transcribe the details of the competition as sent by the WTF:


Method of competition


  • Mixture of Traditional Team Match format and Tag-team Match format. In order to form the team, each team must enter 5 athletes in minimum and in maximum of 7 athletes including 2 substitutes.
  • A team may include maximum 2 athletes from other MNAs which are not the participating National Teams. (Any of athlete(s) of participating Teams shall not be allowed to participate to as a member of other national team.)
  • Each team can designate 5 first team athletes and 1 substitute athlete per contest.
  • The athletes shall be numbered from 1 (lightest) to 5 (heaviest).
  • The preliminary & quarter final matches shall be carried out for 3 rounds (5 minutes of 1st round and 3 minutes of 2nd round & 3rd round) with 1 minute break between rounds. Semi-final and final matches for 3 rounds of 5 minutes with 1 minute break between rounds.
  • The 1st round shall be conducted based on traditional team match format for one minute per competition. It means that the athletes shall compete against
  • his/her counterparts of the opposing team (same numbered athlete) in the order from lighter to heavier. Final score of each team that is total points scored by all athletes of the team shall be accumulated.
  • The 2nd round and 3rd round shall be conducted based on tag-team match format for 3 or 5 minutes. The numbers of replacement shall be allowed in maximum of 8 times per round of 3 minutes and 12 times per round of 5 minutes regardless of order but each athlete should attack minimum three (3) times for replacement.
  • The team that scores more points in accumulation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round shall be declared as the winner. In case of a tie at the preliminary group stage, the final result shall be recorded as ‘Draw’ but from quarter finals, golden point round shall be carried out on tag-team format, The team that scores the first point shall be declared as winning team.
  • The team that first reaches 50 points in total shall be declared as winner at any
  • time during the competition.
  • The team that reaches 10 “Gam-jeom” in total shall be declared as loser at any time during the competition.
  • When there is score gap of 30 points, the match shall be automatically concluded




  • Each team may bring maximum seven (7) athletes including two (2) substitutes to the Championships. Only one (1) substitute is allowed to stand by for each team match and can replace any of the five (5) competitors in case of injury.
  • Substitution due to injury can be approved by either the WTF Medical Committee or Commission Doctor.
  • In case of injury during the championships, form of four (4) athletes still can be composed as a team and compete; however, 10 points will be given to opponent in 1st round.
  • Less than four (4) athletes in each team shall be disqualified.



WTF Ranking points

2014 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships are G-2 ranking event. The following ranking points per male team and female team respectively will be given to all athletes of the team that has advanced to 5th placed teams or above. The ranking points shall be awarded to the athlete’s regular weight division. To obtain ranking points, an athlete must compete at least once during the tournament.

  • 1st Placed team: 20 points
  • 2nd placed team: 12 points
  • 3rd placed teams: 7.20 points
  • 5th placed teams: 4.32 points



System of Competition

  • System of Team Competition is classified as follows.
  • Round-robin system in preliminary group stage – competitions within each group of teams and single elimination system in quarterfinals though final shall be applied.
  • Sixteen (16) teams
  • In group stage, sixteen (16) teams shall be divided into four (4) groups, with four
  • (4) teams per group.
  • Four (4) teams shall be seeded in these groups; one team per group. They are the host nation, and the top three (3) teams at the latest WTF World Taekwondo Championships. If any of the seeded nations is not participating, the next-highest ranked team at the latest WTF World Taekwondo Championships that is participating in the Championships shall be seeded. The other teams except these four (4) teams shall be randomly allocated in four (4) groups through drawing of lots.
  • Based on round-robin system, each team shall play three (3) times in group stage by competing once against each of three other teams in the same group in turn.
  • In group stage, each team shall gain 3 team points per win, 1 point for draw and 0
  • point for loss and the team with more team points shall be ranked higher.
  • The top two (2) teams of each group shall automatically advance to the
  • Draw of quarter-finals shall be pre-determined based on the results of each quarterfinalist at the group stage. The rank of the quarterfinalists shall be classified in accordance of the following order:
    • The team that has more team points
    • The team that has more accumulated scores after deduction of the points earned by the opposing team from the points earned
    • If there is still a tie, team with higher accumulated scores
    • If there is still a tie, team with (1) higher number of RSC. (2) lower number of Gam-jeom and (3) lower number of Kyong-go
    • If there is still a tie after exhausting the criteria, it shall be determined by the method decided by Technical Delegate.
  • In case that there are less than 16 teams participating, the number of groups and/or number of teams per group may be subject to change. In this case, Technical Delegate shall make final decision and shall announce the decision at the Head of Team Meeting


WEIGHT RANGE: Total weight

Male: The total weight of 7 athletes (5 + 2 substitutes) shall be 509kg or less.

The total weight of 6 athletes (5 +1 substitute) shall be 437kg or less.

The total weight of 5 athletes shall be 365kg or less.


Female: The total weight of 7 athletes (5 + 2 substitutes) should be 432kg or less.

The total weight of 6 athletes (5 +1 substitute) shall be 371kg or less.

The total weight of 5 athletes shall be 310kg or less.


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Alex Korram,  MasTKD

Source:  WTF

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