A Cuban athlete could be suspended for two years

México - 2014/11/18 - A Cuban Taekwondo athlete could be suspended for two years by the Pan American Taekwondo Union, since according to the authorities, the athlete would have been disrespectful at the podium.

Glenhis Hernández


The World Champion Glenhis Hernandez could be suspended for two years because she showed her disagreement with the result of her fight against the Mexican Maria del Rosario Espinoza; on the podium, when she received the medal, she made what the authorities say it is an offensive sign and a lack of respect to the Taekwondo community in general, by raising her middle finger during almost all the medal award ceremony.

While Glenhis´ gesture cannot be justified, the Referees´ performances have shown a lot of weaknesses, and Cuba itself has been one of the major victims of these flaws.

We will give you more details about this issue once they are available.



Francisco Keller, Exclusive MasTKD

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