Yellow card in Taekwondo

During the WTF Council meeting carried out in Bhutan, various proposals were presented regarding new modifications to the Competition Rules.  Here you will find the details of this innovative proposal for official events. ESPAÑOL

yellow card in taekwondo


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A yellow card is used in many different sporting codes. Its meaning differs among sports, however it most commonly indicates a caution given to a player regarding his or her conduct, or indicates a temporary suspensión.  Taekwondo would also have its own yellow card if  approved by the General Assembly at its next meeting.

This yellow card would be used if the Referee sees that a coach or an athlete show excessive misconduct  or when they do not follow his instructions.

In such cases, and when the card is shown, the Supervisory Board shall investigate the coach´s or athlete´s  behavior to determine the appropriate sanction.

This new rule would seek more transparency and fair play in the competition.

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