Official presentation of the new MasTKD

MasTKD made a complete redesign of the site, seeking to provide all of our readers throughout the world the posibility to find all the infomation of Taekwondo in a new agile and professional way.

Your are watching the new MasTKD with big changes which we hope will further improve your experience when looking for information about Taekwondo.

We hope you can appreciate and value this new initiative and tell us your experience after visiting the new MasTKD.




The changes you will see from now on are the following:


New logo

The new corporative image is represented by our new logo “Platinum” which symbolizes the incorporation of new technologies and the significant investment to become a top quality product.


Organization of content

We have introduced a number of changes to the main cover that will improve accessibility to news in different categorizations, better distribution that can help satisfy your information needs more quickly and effectively.


Platform Site

We have incorporated WordPress 4 “Benny” the content management system which is the latest and most sophisticated platform today. This platform is used by leading companies in the world, designed to provide information services, among which we can mention CNN, New York Times and NBC Sports, to name a few.


Adaptable web design

We innovate by providing the opportunity to all our users that to follow MasTKD from their mobile devices. The incorporation of RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, allows to access MasTKD from any Smartphone, Tablet or eBook.


In “The Cloud”

When a web site achieves an excessively high number of visits, it requires a server that can handle such traffic, otherwise the site would slow down or just fall. Throughout its history, MasTKD has had to move six times looking for a server that met the needs,  due to the exponential increase in visits.  The only existing solution today for websites with the dilemma of excessive traffic as Facebook, Google and Youtube, is “The Cloud”. From this moment MasTKD belongs to the leading dotcom companies in the world that use “The Cloud”, through the number One Company in managed cloud services: Rackspace.



We want to offer our readers throughout the world a whole new experience with this new design and the innovations incorporated.

Analyzing the future of our sport, and as always, prioritizing the quality of information, good taste and journalistic ethics is that we invested in this change, hoping that all of you, our supporters and readers, will appreciate the great corporate effort MasTKD has made simply to provide the best news service in the world.


Welcome to the new MasTKD experience!



Matías Rojas, Exclusive MasTKD

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