WTF COUNCIL MEETING0, protagonist at the WTF Council Meeting

As we had informed before, not only covered “in situ” the WTF Council Meeting in the Kingdom of Bhutan, but for the first time in history, a specialized communication media took part of the important meeting. ESPAÑOL

With great expectation arrived in the city of Thimpu, Bhutan, after months of hard work in the planning of an innovative project, which would finally see the light after WTF´s approval to be presented to the WTF Council meeting.

Thanks to the Guatemalan Taekwondo Federation´s support and the WTF´s recognition as the most important specialized communication media in Taekwondo in the world,´s effort and hard work, was rewarded.

The journalistic coverage of the WTF Council Meeting on the morning of the 10th of October would not be as usual.  For the first time, would present an innovative project to the WTF Council and to make history,´s name was on the agenda of that meeting.


wtf council meeting


wtf council meetingUnder the topic “Dynamic and Interesting Taekwondo”, presented the project “Taekwondo in our Minds,” which seeks to reach global awareness of Taekwondo in the general public and to reinforce the Taekwondo philosophy of life.

With great professionalism, complying with the details requested by protocol in such an event, but including the fresh and innovative masTaekwondo style, the presentation was made to all WTF Council members. presentation finished with two rounds of applause and members of the WTF Council did not hesitate in expressing their congratulatory messages to our representative, stating additionally, the importance of joining efforts between the WTF and in the quest of reaching more people around the world, identifying our media as the best channel to reach WTF´s media goals.

After the great acceptance of our project, details of which we will inform you soon, is taking great strides toward its institutional consolidation, a status rightfully earned, thanks to the continuous support given by all Taekwondo Community around the world.

Thanks to each of you, our loyal fans and readers, to choose our media to be updated and informed about Taekwondo in an exclusive, clear and unique way.

Today, more than ever, “ world leader in information about Taekwondo”.



Claudio Aranda, Exclusive

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