Just one G-2 in 2015

International - 2014/10/24 - According to the WTF requirements and guidelines, starting in 2015 just one G-2 event will be authorized in each Continental Union.  Ji Ho Choi, President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, spoke with MasTKD about it. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

According to the structure WTF has given to its calendar of events, where the World Championships, the Continental Championships and the Grand Prix are prioritized, it would confirm that only one G-2 event would be authorize in each Continental Union in 2015, similar to what happened this year

During 2014, the events sanctioned as G-2 were the following:  1st Luxor Open in Africa; US Open in America; Lotto Dutch Open in Europe; Gyeongju Korea Open in Asia and the Australia Open in Oceania.

In a few weeks, we will know which events will be sanctioned as G, the maximum rank an open championships can be sanctioned.   As far as the PATU is concerned, the deadline to apply for a G event is November 30.  After that, PATU sends its recommendation to the WTF in late December.

This week PATU sent all its MNA members the guidelines and requirements a G-1 event must fill, in order to achieve WTF´s sanction.


  • All applications including hosting conditions shall be submitted to PATU by Nov. 30, 2014.
  • All applications must have dates, place, schedule, competition categories (Poomsae, Gyoroogi),
  • Age groups, Number of Competition Days, Number of Competition Areas, Number of International
  • Referees to be appointed by PATU, Name of official PSS, Name of Official Competition Floor Mats,
  • and the use of Octagonal Competition Areas. (WTF & PATU Requirements)
  • PATU Tournament Officials to be invited: PATU President or One PATU EXCO Member appointed
  • by the President, PATU Technical Chairman, PATU Referee Chairman, PATU Tournament Director,
  • PATU Medical Chairperson or Medical Committee Member appointed by PATU. (WTF & PATU
  • Requirements)
  • All WTF G Ranked events must provide an official Doping Test approved by WADA via pertinent NOC.
  • PATU Technical Officials and International Referee per diem payment shall include one day of training
  • and meeting, and one additional day of traveling. (PATU Requirements)
  • Local Transportation shall be provided to all participants (From Airport to Official Hotel, Official Hotel to &
  • from Venue). (WTF & PATU Guidelines)
  • Use of WTF/PATU approved Online Registration system.
  • Use of WTF/PATU approved Tournament Management system.
  • Use of WTF/PATU approved Poomsae Scoring system.
  • Use of WTF/PATU approved Instant Video Replay system.
  • All participants must be a holder of WTF GAL Membership. (WTF Requirement)
  • All Coaches must be a holder of PATU Coach Certification. (PATU Coach Certification Seminar shall be conducted beginning the 1st International Open Tournament in 2015) (PATU Requirement)
  • Technicians from official PSS and Poomsae Scoring System shall be invited and all expenses shall be provided by the OC. (WTF & PATU Requirements)
  • Sales booths shall be provided Free of Charge for PATU sponsor companies. (PATU Requirement)
  • Strict compliance of WTF Medical Code. (WTF & PATU Requirements)


Hi Jo Choi post image“During the PATU EXCO & Council Meeting held prior to the 19th Pan Am Championships heldin Aguascalientes, Mexico, it was decided that G-2 Ranking will be designated to Pan Am Open International Taekwondo Championships only” said Choi, President of PATU.

The event would take place in September, 2015 in Mexico. “We believe that the call and organization of the Pan American Open has always been good.  Additionally, we consider that if PATU has a Pan Am Open championship, this event should be the one with the G-2 rank, above the open championships organized by MNA´s.  We would expect that the WTF ratifies what they have proposed and that PATU´s decision will be supported by the WTF”, concluded Choi.



Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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