Claudio Aranda: “We don´t seek to please anyone …”

International - 2014/10/23 - Along with the big changes in MasTKD, we talked with Claudio Aranda, CEO and Founder of this communication media, who talked about different issues in a straight unfiltered way. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

October will mark a period of big changes in MasTKD.  As far I am concerned, I am living a different experience, since I’m the newest in this group and I am constantly finding myself  in situations not routine at all.

MasTKD is a great group of people; the most familiar to the global community are the reporters who cover the events, but behind them there are a group of people who work tirelessly day in and day out:  designers, editors, programmers, administrative staff and myself.

Although Claudio Aranda  is the Founder and CEO of this company, lately,  he insists to be part of that group of people who work in what we call “the laboratory”. To learn more about the philosophy of this company, I prepared this interview in which the MasTKD DNA is reflected direct and unfiltered.


Claudio Aranda MasTKD CEO


What do you think is the secret of MasTKD to keep evolving as time goes by? 

It is to take care of every detail, those that reflect a philosophy and a way of thinking. It is very important to associate with people who think similar to you, who have the same passion for what they do. I am fortunate to have a very united team; as you know there is strength in unity.   We are a family that doesn´t know about schedules or holidays, but we enjoy doing what we love.  We finish each day exhausted but very proud and gratified.


In every meeting we talk a lot about technological development.  Tell us about your passion for development and innovation?

It is a simple and clear reason; it is what makes us and will always make us different from those who, without a bit of talent or taste, try to do the same as we do, but they don´t have a clear direction. It is us who trace the road;  there are others who are notable to create and to trace their own road with their own ideas or proposals,  they just simply copy tomorrow what we do today.


Are you referring to information plagiarism?

I mean everything.  When there is no talent, you will not only copy the information, but everything.   All of a sudden, they copy the name, the logo, the design and even the way you sign a letter. In the short time that you have been working with us you have been a victim of this, right? I respect the news media papers that post our information in their respective sites, because they find our information useful and the give you the corresponding credits. Major and renowned newspapers of general information around the world have posted some of our information and it is an honor.  But those who only copy your work shamelessly and give credit to themselves for the work of others, in my opinion are just talentless thieves.


Writing about a specific issue as Taekwondo in an environment where everybody knows masTKD and everybody knows you, as well, could be complicated.  How do you please everyone?

I don´t know, it doesn´t correspond to me to think about it.  We don´t seek to please anyone we just want to inform.  If I would be interested in being the protagonist, I would be in all the events wearing a suit, greeting and patting everyone on the back, but you know by now, how this group works, we just pat the back among ourselves when we do things right.


Is that why you are not seen in the sports events?

(He thinks) Not 100% …the truth is that I really enjoy being in the “engine room” with the computer programming and design staff.   I have found in the Geek world much freshness, passion and transparency;  something you don´t find neither in the politics nor in the sports competition.


Why so many changes lately?

Because our readers deserve the best experience and because Taekwondo also deserves a high quality product.  If you think we had a lot of changes, prepare yourself for what´s coming.   The best is still to come.


Sometimes I think that MasTKD more than being  a specialized news media seems, in fact, a technological development startup.   Is there any truth to that?

Of course, that’s what we are and we all enjoy what we do because we never know for sure with what crazy idea we will start the next day.   In MasTKD make a product for ourselves and for our love ones, and you know that when you do something for yourself and your family, you put your best effort. That is why we are the best.


Thank you very much Claudio.

Thank you.  Actually, I am the one who is thankful for being part of this great team and have the support of so many people.    MasTKD would have never come to where it is without the help of great people, institutions and companies who supported us and continue to support us, bringing their talent to turn this idea into reality, as it is today.



Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD



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