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International - 2014/10/21 - The World Taekwondo Federation will make some modifications in the Statutes and the Competition Rules.  In order to obtain the General Assembly´s support, the WTF sent to all MNAs the proposed  changes and they must send their E-Vote (Electronic Vote) choosing Yes or NOT before October 28, 2014. MasTKD ESPAÑOL

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The modifications in the WTF Statutes are not as many as the changes in the Competition Rules which we will inform in a separate report.   Articles 20, 22 and 34 of the WTF Statutes will be modified.


Article 20

This article talks about the calendar of events.  Presently, the article says that each continental championships or other tournaments or events are subject of the WTF approval.  And once the event is finished the organizing committee must send a complete report within the following month.

The WTF is adding that “otherwise approved by the WTF, and only in case of compelling reasons, the events shall be held in accordance with the Target Months for the WTF Promoted and Sanctioned Championships”


Article 22

This article talks about the WTF Promoted Championships and refers to those events carried out within the organization of another championship, e.g. organizing the World Para-Taekwondo during the World Championship or World Youth Taekwondo for the Deaf  during the organization of the World Cup Team. This is eliminated, which suggests that these events could be organized independently during different dates.

The same article makes reference to the fact that the President and the WTF Council decided the venue and date of the World Team Cup and World Poomsae Championships. This is eliminated and apparently the process to choose venue and dates for those championships would be the same used to choose the World Championships.


Article  34

The modification refers the enforcement of these changes, specifically referring to Article 20.  All events already scheduled will not be changed if any of them “were confirmed by the WTF before the calendar or its amendments were adopted”.




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