What are the changes in the competition rules?

Eighteen members of WTF Council gathered  in Bhutan to discuss various issues; among them there are the changes in the competition rules that will be presented to the General Assembly for final approval. ESPAÑOL

wtf competition rules


The WTF Technical Committe presented various proposal to modify the present Competition Rules.  We bring you the most significant:


  • Article 4) about the taping on the foot, wrapping tapes or bandages:  it will be checked prior to the competition.  The Referee in charge may ask a physician to double check it and approve it.
  • Article 6)  an event will be recognized by the WTF with the participation of at least four countries with no less than  four competitors registered in each class.  If there are less than four the results will not be recognized as official.
  • Article 8) at least eight competitors will be seeded in each weight division in continental championships or G-2 events.
  • Article 14) all Gam-jeoms are eliminated; all faults become Kyong-gos. As for the Gam-jeoms, they will be used in the event of serious misconduct by the competitor or coach at the discretion of the Referee.
  • Article 21) the video replay may be requested only when it is considered that a penalty against the opponent is needed


Additional modifications:

The official physician in a event must be bilingual.  It was also stressed that the IOC Medical Code will be strictly applied in each WTF sanctioned event. .

A strict control will be made with the “doctor” who accompany the coach, to avoid that this “doctor “ is actually a second coach.

We will bring you more details about this new modifications int he Competition Rules.  Keep updated with


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Alex Korram, Exclusive

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