The WTF World Club Championships would grant 40 point to each Gold

It seems that the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) would rank the event as G-4; this new initiative would revolutionize the concept of competition in Taekwondo. ESPAÑOL



A dilemma arises with this new proposal:  on one hand, the amateurism proclaimed by the Olympic movement; and on the other hand, the professionalism that this new approach would give to Taekwondo competition.

Various questions would have to be answered before the process starts, such as how the teams will be formed.  There would be the possibility to contract or transfer athletes from other countries different the club´s country.  Also,  sponsors or even government institutions could offer financial incentives to the athletes.

Nowadays, there are European and Asian professional teams who  are sponsored by private companies and government agencies that undoubtedly would bet on their athletes

In addition, the athlete who gets the gold, would automatically receive 40 WTF Ranking points which would abruptly position the athlete in an excellent position on the road to 2016 Rio Olympics.

A great event that will bring together all the things that our sport offers, clearly showing that Taekwondo has no limits.



Matías Rojas, Exclusivo

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