Spain became Champion at the Under-21 European Championships

The Spanish National Team became Champion at the 5th ETU European Under 21Taekwondo Championships held last weekend in Innsbruck, Austria   and dominated in the overall standings.

Spain Taekwondo National Team


Last weekend (September 26-28,  2014) 5th ETU European Under 21Taekwondo Championships was held in Innsbruck, Austria, event organized by the Austrian Taekwondo Federation and the European Taekwondo Union.

In this important continental event, Spain won nine medals (4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronzes) getting to the top of the medal standings above of countries like Serbia, Turkey, Poland and Russia .


The four gold medals were won thanks to the great performances of athletes such as Marta Calvo (-62Kg), Eduardo Longobardi (-68 Kg), Javier Pérez Polo (-63 Kg, Jesus Tortosa in -54 kg


Silver medals:   Daniel Quesada (-74 Kg) and  and Xian Silva (-80 Kg).


Bronze medals  Rosa Rodríguez (-57 Kg), Sara Cortegoso (-46 kg), and Mariona Leyes  (+73 Kg).


jesus tortosa jr


The Spanish National team was formed as follows:

Jesus Cabrera Tortosa (-54 Kg.)

Suarez Alejandro Moreno (-58 Kg.)

Javier Pérez Polo (-63 Kg.)

Eduardo Longobardi Peter Radford (-68 Kg.)

Daniel Quesada Barrera (-74 Kg.)

Xian Silva Pazos (-80 Kg.)

Pablo Fernández Eiras (-87 Kg.)

Vilariño Alejandro Fernández (+87 Kg.)

Cortegoso Sara Lima (-46 Kg.)

Buendia Marta Sánchez (-49 Kg.)

Pilar Martin Perez (-53 Kg.)

Rosa Rodríguez Torres (-57 Kg.)

Marta Gómez Calvo (-62 Kg.)

Cecilia Castro Burgos (-67 Kg.)

Natalia Guillen Parra (-73 Kg.)

Mariona Ausio Laws (+73 Kg.)


Elena Benítez (Technical Director)

José Jesús Márquez (Coach)

Rafael Alcázar (Coach)

Herranz Miguel Angel Martin (Coach)

Patiño José Miguel Nogueira (Coach)

Camilo German Macias (Referee)

Marta Bou Segura (Physiotherapist)




medal standings under21 etu championships


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