Official press conference in Aguascalientes

Early Thursday September 11, a press conference was held at the conference room of the Hotel Gran Alameda to inform about general event and the presentation of medals

At nine sharp the press conference began with the presence of many local and sporting authorities such as Mr. José de Jesús García Campos, Director of the Aguascalientes Sports, Master Ji Ho Choi, President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, Juan Manuel Lopez, President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, Prof. Young in Bang, Technical Director of the Kyorugi Mexican Team, Prof. Kang Young Lee, Poomsae Mexican Team Coach, Maria Espinoza and Uriel Adriano representing Kyorugi athletes and Ollin Medina and Patricia Rodriguez representing Poomsae athletes.


aguascalientes press conference


On behalf of the State Governor, Ing. Carlos Lozano de la Torre, Mr. Garcia gave the welcoming speech thanking and highlighting the effort made by the Mexican Taekwondo Federation in the organization of high standard international events.

“Mexico has great experience in organizing these type of championships and PATU has supported the organization of these high class events.  We are willing to give our support in everything they need.  Last month, I visited Aguascalientes to confirm that every detail was meeting the requirements, and it was so.” said Ji Ho Choi,  PATU president.  “This event is promising.  We have the presence of the Referee Chairman of the Asian Taekwondo Union and International Referees from Chinese Taipei.  They will ensure fair play and transparency in this event” continued Choi.


aguascalientes press conference


“The organization of the event is “high class”.   You will be surprised when you see the stadium; it is much better than Puebla´s last year.  For the Poomsae competition we have WTF Para-Taekwondo classifiers in order to make this competition objective and professional. We will use the technical and technological systems used in the Grand Prix series such as TaekwonSoft, from Korea, Darthfish in the video replay, KP & P PSS system.  So, as far as technology is concerned, I can assure you that we have the best” said Juan Manuel Lopez, President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation.

The Mexican athletes also invited people to attend the event promising a great show of world class.

After the press conference, the authorities visited the location where the International Referees were doing their preparation and training session, led by PATU Referee Chairman, Myung Chan Kim.

Additionally, Juan Manuel Lopez said:



“I want to thank, the best Taekwondo online newspaper in the world.  They are here to promote and bring the public around the world all the information and details of these competitions.


“I want highlight for the great job and effort they do. always supports PATU promoting the events and our dear sport throughout the continent and the world.  We want you to know that, I myself and PATU are with you” said Ji Ho Choi, PATU president.



aguascalientes press conference


The activities continue this afternoon with the Head of Team meeting the drawing of lots and the PATU Executive Committee meeting at night.

We will bring you all the details… only in!


Reporter: Alex Korram

Photos: Marcos López Rodríguez


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