Mexico, the Champion in the Pan American Championships

With a total of 13 medals, 6 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze, Mexico was crowned in its own country in the city of Aguascalientes, during Pan American Taekwondo Championship held from September 12 to 14, 2014.

Demonstrating the superiority in the area, Mexico became the Champion in the G-4 WTF sanctioned event.


The positions were as follows:


1) Mexico

2) Canada

3) Brazil

4) United States

5) Dominican Republic


General podium in aguascalientes




Individual awards were distributed as follows:


Best female athlete:

Briseis Acosta. (Mexico)


Best male athlete:

Uriel Adriano. (Mexico)


best athletes in aguascalientes 2014



Best male coach:

In Young Bang. (Mexico)


Best female coach:

Gulsah Alonso. (Mexico)


best coaches in aguascalientes 2014



Mexico also became Champion in the G1 competition (Mexico Open) accumulating 404 points. The positions for this event as follows:

1) Mexico

2) United States

3) Canada

4) Brazil

5) Colombia


poomsae general podium in aguacalientes 2014



In individual awards were given to:


Best female athlete:

Hamon Lauren (USA)


Best male athlete:

Carlos Navarro (Mexico)


best athletes in mexico opent 2014


Best female coach:

Sun Young Bang (Mexico)


Best male coach:

Rosendo Alonso. (Mexico)


best coaches in mexico open 2014



The poomsae competition was also for Mexico as they became champions, too.  The positions, as follows:


1) Mexico.

2) Peru.

3) Brazil.

4) United States.

5) Colombia.


poomsae general podium aguascalientes 2014




Best female athlete:

Ollin Medina (Mexico)


Best male athlete:

Vaslav Ayala (Mexico)


Best female coach:

Rafael Olivares (Mexico)


Best male coach:

Kang Young Lee. (Mexico)


Best Female Referee:

Carol Dai (Chinese Taipei)


Best Male Referee:

Erick Wah (Canada)


best referees in aguascalientes 2014





medal standings  in aguascalientes 2014




Alex Korram, Exclusive

Photos: Marcos López Rodríguez.

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