Eleven finals and 18 medals began at La Loma

Two unique situations just happened in Mexico a few weeks ago:  the Mexican Taekwondo Federation organized four simultaneous events, and the high performance center La Loma was the place where the athletes made their preparation training. ESPAÑOL


After an intense training camp before the Pan American Championships held last week in Aguascalientes, the officials of  the high performance center La Loma are very satisfied since the positive results obtained by the delegations that made their preparation there, were outstanding.

Those who trained in San Luis Potosi reached 11 finals out of 16; and got 4 gold medals, 7 silver and 7 bronze; the amount of WTF ranking points accumulated by those athletes puts them much closer to Rio 2016.

The four gold medals were distributed as follows: Brazil (2), Dominican Republic (1) Panama (1), in this case won by Carolena Carstens, who is trained by the Spanish two-time World Champion Juan Antonio Ramos.

La Loma sent us a video showing their appreciation to all the delegations who did their training  there.

“If we analyze the training camps carried out in La Loma for the last ten years, where athletes prepared for Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, Olympic Qualifying tournaments and various continental championships, we realize, with great satisfaction, that results are amazing.  This proves that La Loma is one of the best training centers in the world for Taekwondo training and that La Loma has become an icon”  said  Ireno Fargas, Director of High Performance Center La Loma.

“We are planning four more training camps, for the rest of 2014, and as usual we will do our best and give our best service to all the delegations who choose us, and we will give our support for them to get their objectives.  We have received confirmation from four delegations and I am sure that will publish the information as they arrive”.


The training camps for the rest of the year are the following:


  • Training Camp for the Central American and Caribbean Games (October 23 to November 13, 2014).
  • Training Camp for World Poomsae Championships (October 23 to 29, 2014).
  • Training Camp for the Grand Prix, Mexico 2014 (November 15 to December 1, 2014).
  • Training Camp for the World Cup, Mexico 2014 (November 15 to December 3, 2014).


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