The electronic headgears will be used in the Manchester GP Series

The World Taekwondo Federation has confirmed that Daedo electronic headgears will be used during the third GP Series to be held in Manchester, UK, on October 24-26, 2014.

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The Spanish company will not only be providing electronic protectors for the chest, but they will provide the headgears, which were tested in previous international events.  This time they will make their debut in a big scenario

The electronic headgear was used, as we said, in several “G” competitions such as the open championship held in Sweden, United States and Switzerland to name a few, but during the “3rd Swiss Open” they were used throughout the competition in each combat.  At that time, had a conversation with Mr. Chakir Chelbar, WTF Referee Committee Chairman, who told us that the results of the tests were positive.

“The athletes and the coaches are very happy with the result of the use of these electronic headgears.  I asked them what they preferred:  that we give the corner referees the responsibility to score the actions to the head, or if they preferred the electronic headgears to score the actions.  The answer, definitely, was that they prefer the electronic system.  I want to highlight an important fact:  regularly, during a competition, we receive around 40-50 request of video reply in each area.  Now, with the inclusion of the electronic headgear, we had an average of 12 requests in each area, which leaves us with a very positive result”

Daedo, for the first time, will provide the chest protector and the headgear in a GP Series, and we are sure that both athletes and coaches will be satisfied with the results, as we have constantly heard this comment:


“We prefer a failure of an electronic system to a referee´s bad decision…” spoke exclusively to Chuen Wook Park, President and Founder of the Spanish firm about the Daedo electronic headgears. In this interview he explains the benefits of the system and the results obtained in different international competitions. 


Laura López Rodriguez, Exclusive

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