Accreditations began at the “World Capital of Taekwondo”

The Hotel Gran Alameda in Aguascalientes welcomed the heads of team throughout yesterday when each of them made the accreditation process for his teams.  They used the same accreditation system used last year in Puebla.

The host hotel was crowded with coaches and delegates who made the accreditation process for his teams.  Registration was previously made “online” and it was completed “in situ” through quick easy steps.

Kay Rodriguez, in charge of the registration process, explained the steps:

“The heads of team must wait in the waiting room. They will be called to make the corresponding registration fee payment.  Then, they will go to area in which they will check the information about their teams.  If everything is ok, they will collect the corresponding accreditations”. 

accreditations aguascalientes 2014


During our tour to the different important places, we could not miss the Gimnacio Olimpico, where the competitions will take place from September 12-14, 2014. With nine octagonal areas, video replay system and KP&P PSS, the organization worked on the final details to meet the expectations of the organizing committee.

The organization was also working on the preparation of the VIP area, mix area and the conference room.

gimnasio olimpico aguascalientes



We also saw the Mexican National Poomsae Team, formed by 41 members under the direction of coach Kang Young Lee, during their last training session before the competition.

“The Mexican Federation has supported us a lot and we are confident because we have prepared ourselves with three daily training sessionsult. This will be a good test for our team because soon we will also host the Poomsae World Championships “said Professor Kang.


mexican poomsae team

Alex Korram, Exclusive

Photos: Marcos López Rodríguez

Video: Pablo Aranda and Lorena Calderon

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