Over 10,000 competitors for the first World Club Championships

The Mexican Taekwondo Federation would expect over 10,000 athletes for the "1st WTF World Club Taekwondo Championships" organized by the World Taekwondo Federation.



No one would never thought of an event of such characteristics in the history of our sport, but we will have the privileged to witness it in just a few months.


The biggest event on the planet could not be held elsewhere than the “World Capital of Taekwondo” itself, Mexico.


Competitors coming from the farthest corners of the world will gather in the Aztec lands to participate in the first edition of the “1st WTF World Taekwondo Club Championships”.


Mexico will be the ideal scenario for such a historic event organized so far, and it will be the start of a new era, in which the real professionalization of the sport may begin.


Matías Rojas, Exclusive

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