Draw sheets of the World Taekwondo GP “Astana 2014”

Here you will find the complete Draw Sheets of the second round of Grand Prix that will be taking place in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan from August 29 to 31, 2014.  In this G-4 can only participate the best ranked athletes in the WTF ranking.

1 2014-08-27_102056x_F-49_GP2_Astana2014


astana 2014 draw sheets


3 2014-08-27_102056x_F-57_GP2_Astana2014


astana 2014  draw sheet


5 2014-08-27_102056x_F-67_GP2_Astana2014


astana gp draw sheet


astana gp draw sheet


8 2014-08-27_102056x_Mo80_GP2_Astana2014 Team

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