Argentina Open: eleven countries will be there

Just days before the start of the Argentina Open 2014, the Argentina Taekwondo Confederation is preparing to welcome delegations coming from different parts of the world. ESPAÑOL

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Aruba, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Guatemala, Israel, United States and Jamaica have already confirmed their participation in the Argentina Open to be held at the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires.

In the quest to reach Rio 2016 Olympic Games, these international gladiators will go in search of the valuable 10 WTF ranking points in this G-1 WTF sanctioned event.

The appointment is on August 22-24, 2014, and the Argentina Taekwondo Confederation is preparing to offer a first level event for all participants.

Next August 13, 2014 is the registration deadline for all delegations of the world interested in participating in this great event.



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Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive

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