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The 2014 Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum was held in Seoul

The 2014 Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum was held in Seoul from August 18 to 20 at the Sejong Center (Sejong Hall) with the main objective to emphasize that Seoul is the Capital and mother country of Taekwondo. ESPAÑOL

Taekwondo Leaders Forum


Organized by Kukkiwon and the Seoul City Hall, this important Forum was attended by 146 teachers from 47 countries; among them, camaraderie and friendship were present and most of them said that “Taekwondo is one big family.”

The organizers did emphasize that all guests were “Nongovernmental Diplomats” of their countries and that they have the mission to bring modern and traditional teachings of Taekwondo to their respective countries.

Oskar Posada, a Colombian Grand Master, told us that the World Taekwondo Leaders Forum was a great success and that he was very honored to have been invited.

“Many important topics have been included in this Forum such as self defense in Taekwondo, Taekwondo Taping to train students have productive thoughts through Taekwondo, programs to educate the community about Taekwondo, among others” explained Posada to

Furthermore participants were able train and practice Taekwondo with Korean teachers in the following disciplines:  Poomsae, Breaking, Self Defense, Taekwondo Aerobics, Rope training.

Many participants traveled to Pohan to attend the Hanmadang, some to participate, others to referee, and others to study the different participating disciplines.

All these activities are carried out and achieved due to the Kukkiwon and Seoul City Hall support, whose Mayor received the honorary Black Belt, as seen in the photo.


Taekwondo leader forum


“It should be highlighted that all participants in the two events had to cover their airline ticket, however, the room and board costs and inland transportation is all covered by the Kukkiwon and the Seoul City Hall.  I would like to express my deepest and sincere thanks to both institutions” said  Grand Master Oskar Posada


Taekwondo leader Forum Team

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