New record in WTF national licences

The Mexican Taekwondo Federation (FMTKD) recently completed the largest order to date of WTF National Licences by a single MNA; over 12,000 WTF National Licences.



A great expectation was created among the State Taekwondo Associations in Mexico when they were receiving training on their new National Database: the WTF Global Membership System in December 2013. Carlos Rodriguez, WTF GMS Admin, explains why they started using the WTF National Licences: “We have simplified our administration and have now only one system. Now our membership administration is more efficient than before”. Mr. Rodriguez is looking forward to using the same online registration for their Tournaments as they used for the 2013 World Championships in Puebla. “Using the same WTF system for our Tournaments will definitively be an upgrade, we will have all photos and documents already on the system so our members will register to our tournaments in just a few clicks, then results will be stored in their profile”.

A welcome to the WTF Taekwondo family

The licenses were delivered on a welcome letter from WTF and from FMTKD. Javier E. Altamirano, Marketing and Operations Manager of the WTF Global Membership System, explains why delivering the licence with a letter from both organizations. “Being part of WTF is nothing small, all athletes should be proud to belong to the FMTKD because they belong to WTF as well. It doesn’t matter if they are yellow or black belt; they practice WTF Taekwondo and their WTF National Licence is proof of it”. These members are officially on the WTF database, where their Taekwondo history will be kept for the future. Team

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