MEXICO 20140

Aguascalientes: all set for the G1

For the first time in its history, Aguascalientes will host a WTF sanctioned event which will award Ranking Points.  As in every event organized by the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, the success is guaranteed. ESPAÑOL

All athletes who want to get closer to Rio 2014 will get the opportunity to collect valuable ranking points in the event organized by the Mexican Taekwondo Federation to take place from September 10-14, 2014.

In this open championship not only national teams may participate, but also athletes in the cadet, junior and senior G-1 categories (combat and poomsae).  KP&P.PSS will be used.

One of the advantages for the Pan American athletes who are members of the national teams is that the Pan American Senior Championships will also be held in the previous days, having the opportunity to accumulate 40 valuable WTF Ranking points. will bring you all the details.


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Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive

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