Successful on-line registration in the last ATU championships

Sarvar Shamusarov member of the Organizing Committee of the past Asian Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan reflects on an important part of the event's success: the online registration, informed the WTF in its official web.



“The WTF Registration system allowed a very smooth and efficient onsite registration, there was no long waiting lines, because most of the changes to the team summary were already made before online. We didn’t collect and copy the passports, Kukkiwon Certificates, Doctors Certificates etc. as it was in the system. Also the collection of entry fees was smooth because the system itself calculated everything for us, so we didn’t calculate it one by one…The managing tools were very easy to use“.

About the feedback from Asian federations participating in the Event Mr. Shamusarov went on: “There were only good comments about the online registration…it was the first time ever that the system was used at the Asian Championships and everybody was happy”. This was the first time the WTF opened its WTF Registration System to Continental Union Championships based on a request by the Uzbekistan OC.


The future of Online Registration for Tournaments

In the view of Mr. Shamusarov, more G-Ranked Tournaments using this online registration system will benefit participants: “…Most MNAs are participating in many events to gather points for WTF Ranking and they don’t have time for paper work and you can complete the registration within 5 minutes while registering with the WTF online registration system”. The Uzbek organizer sees benefits in his own MNA “The system for sure will make the event registration easier in Uzbekistan and in other places because the system has the database for all athletes which will make the paper work much lesser. Also the system has perfect reports, like entry per NOC, financial report etc.”

According to Justin Tenbeth, Director of the WTF GMS, “the time was right for the Asian Championships, the system is ready to be used in more Tournaments to the benefit of organizers and tens of thousands of WTF Licence holders…The aim is that in 2015 most recognized WTF Tournaments will use the WTF Online Registration”.

Starting with the Australian Open to be held in Sydney in August, Club administrators will be able to register their team from their own private GMS page.

Shortly, WTF and Olympic ranking points will be shown on a Public view web page, later participation records will follow. This page will be individual to each athlete, similar to those of other leading Sports organizations around the globe. Team

Photo: WTF

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  1. In Europe we are using on all Tournament online Registration since many years :)with tpss an mareg!

    I dont understand why the dont use this Systems on the Wtf?

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