Find out the effects of training with music

There are countless of Taekwondo athletes who use music to train or just prior to a competition. A study says that listening to music while you exercise can greatly benefit your energy and your attitude. ESPAÑOL



Listening to music while you train can greatly benefit your energy and attitude.  Doing the warm up and the training with a good playlist can help you to stay motivated and better predisposed for physical activity.

Most athletes report positive emotions associated with listening to music while exercising. Depending on the origin , the musical style and the singer,  each athlete makes his/her playlist  to help him/her  maintain the physical activity for a longer period without reaching surfeit.


2014-05-30_85369x_Taekwondo-Music_DSC_0233Before competing

Using your headphones previous to a competition affects positively your mind helping to decrease the nerves, increasing concentration and visualization and maintaining pre competitive euphoria. According to the type of music you choose, it will also benefit relaxation and concentration prior to an event.


What studies say

According to studies carried out in Florida (USA), rock music such as AC/DC helps to reduce anxiety and pain, improve mood and good humor. Classical music helps to achieve relaxation, tranquility and meditation. While electronics, chosen by many for physical activity, has energizing and stimulating effects.

Another investigation issued by “The Journal of Sports Medicine” indicated that exercise is most effective when performed synchronously with musical rhythm and not when the musical tempo is slightly slower than the speed of movement.


Learn to train without it

You must be careful with the fact the music does not become an essential accessory for your training. You have to learn to work without it to cope sessions, especially if they are long. Training without music helps you to train your mind and overcome boredom on your own. So, using music can be positive during your training sessions however it can be detrimental during the competition.   Use it in those days when you’re unmotivated and discouraged as a stimulus to train.


Watch out the volume!

If you train with the volume too loud, it can be an obstacle to hear your coach´s instructions or your team mates´ comments, a situation that will isolate you from others and prevent you from assimilating technical information or even worse tactic information. Team

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