ETU: Are there two “Scotlands”?

Without the consent of Adrian Tranter neither GB Taekwodo, ETU recently welcomed Scotland as a new member of the Continental Union, a situation that caused quite a stir worldwide, but especially in GB Taekwondo. ESPAÑOL



Just before starting the European Senior Championships held in Baku, Azerbaijan, the ETU Executive Council, without the consent of GB Taekwondo, approved and welcomed Scotland as a new independent member of the European Continental Union.

This surprising situation caused a shock to the technical staff, coaches and athletes of the Scotland National Team, who are part of the Taekwondo Scotland which has been the legitimate national Taekwondo federation in Scotland since 1992 and is recognized by British Taekwondo which is the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the United Kingdom and also recognized by the Commonwealth Taekwondo Union and  the British Olympic Association .  Why would ETU do this and not follow their own laws?  It looks like the majority of the ETU members who voted to give membership to the wrong Scottish Taekwondo group were deliberately misinformed.

The whole Taekwondo family within GB Taekwondo hopes this situation will be soon clarified and that ETU sticks to its rules.

Adrian Tranter, President of GB Taekwondo, talked exclusively with and expressed his disappointment and disagreement on about this serious situation.  “I really do not understand why this happened, we will try to handle this situation wisely and investigate deeply about this decision with ETU and WTF, since we were informed neither consulted about this matter.”

“We hope that ETU Statutes will be respected since I think this was a wrong decision taken by the ETU Executive Council” said Tranter in conversation, suggesting that there was misinformation, since, as we mentioned before,  Scotland Taekwondo was never notified.

When asked what would be the next action GB Taekwondo would do, Tranter answered:   “All the members of GB Taekwondo must have a meeting and decide the correct approach to ETU.”

For curiosity´s sake, we asked him:  Where does this group named “Scotland” come from?   “Of course, we know who they are.  They used to be part of the British Taekwondo Federation.”

Apparently this group got “independent” from GB Taekwondo four years ago, and Tranter surprisingly does not know the reason of such action.

Two Scottish teams are now recognized by the ETU, and both are trying to get to Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  We wonder which group would have the right to get to Rio, if now there are two different “Scotlands?  “We invited them to join us again after they left; we told them that the doors were open.  However, we do not really know the reasons why they did it “ said Tranter .

“Bailey, who recently won the bronze medal in the European Senior Championships 2013, is part of the Scottish team, which is recognized by GB Tekwondo. “

Perhaps now a collection of clubs from the Spanish regions of Galicia, Catalunia and the Basque country can also be granted memberships and be allowed to compete at the European Championships against Spain?  Of course there are many more examples that can be used from all around Europe, but this illustrates the present situation.

This is just the beginning of this serious situation happening in will bring you more details.


Alex Korram, Exclusive


One thought on “ETU: Are there two “Scotlands”?”

  1. Dear mastaekwondo.
    Thanks for another great report on current affairs in tkd around the world.
    I would like to draw your attention to some facts that were left out in this debate .
    For this meeting regarding the inclusion for tkd scotland ltd to gain provisional ETU membership, British Tae Kwon Do were not present at the meeting to state there diss concerns, which I find very strange if it meant so much to them.
    TKDSL have been fighting for several years for independence and have a membership of 3500 members in Scotland split down the middle by WTF and ITF members .
    British Tae Kwon Do have only 350 members in Scotland.
    I find the statement regarding the the uncertainty as to why they left and the doors being always open laughable as BT were the whole reason they left, and as a president of GB wouldnt it make sense to simply ask you were unsure of anything, unless you didnot want them back?. And about a door being always open thats fine if the door isnt locked after you enter .
    We left BT and formed our own group TKD England ltd after not agreeing with the way BT ran its membership.
    And since we have have been free to train with who ever we want as all martial artist should be allowed to.
    BT has 4500 of its own members 8000 affiliates who only join because they have to and im told by them who would leave straight away if their was an alternative so they could get away from the strangle hold they are in.
    Outside BT their are 70000 people in uk who practice TKD who will not have any direct membership with them.
    This leads you to wonder why its like this . Well maybe mas tkd should be looking to some of these outside groups like TKDSL. or UKTDC or TKDEnglandltd and ask the question if you want both sides of the story.

    Seelan Rengasamy
    Chairman TKDEL

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