36 or 32? How many for 1st Grand Prix?

As usual, the WTF with its last minute changes, situation that questions our discipline as a sport worthy of the "Olympic Status”. ESPAÑOL



Great uncertainty experience the MNAs due to the constant changes made by the World Taekwondo Federation regarding their different rules.

In this case we refer to the rules that will be used during the “World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series Suzhou 2014” to be held from July 4 to 6 in China. Recently published what was  supposed to be the latest version of the rules for all GP Series this year (See : Towards the 1st Grand Prix Series of Xuzhou ), but no, it turns out that “surprisingly ” the amount  selected athletes  for this first edition was changed from 36 to 32.

These are the details:

  • Thirty-one (31) athletes would have been invited, taking into account the WTF Olympic Ranking corresponding to April 2014.  The last competition in which athletes could have sum ranking points was the “2014 South American Games“held from March 15 to 17.  To complete the number of athletes to 32, we add one athlete in each weight category from the host country.
  • We must not forget that each MNA is entitled to a maximum of two competitors per weight category. The top eight (8) athletes will be seeded and the rest 24 athletes will be drawn at random.
  • It is assumed that all involved MNAs received the respective invitation during the second week of April, stating a deadline of June 18, 2014 to confirm the participation.
  • Something that calls our attention, and coming from the WTF it must be taken into consideration, is that  in the mentioned invitation they say  that the  deadline, set by the WTF itself, could be changed to on June 25 .


If your MNA has an athlete within the top 32 and you’re reading this before June 18 or 25, you´d better register as soon as possible because they may change their mind again and reduce the participating athletes.


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