Road to Suzhou: the Grand Prix Series 1

The for April has just been published by .  What is different about this edition?  From this list, the invitations for the will be sent out.



MasTaekwondo.com released the “Top 16” where we see all the athletes´struggle to advance in the ranking positions in order to be able to compete in the Grand Prix Series (G4), mainly, due to the number of points these G4 events award.  Only the 35 best ranked will be invited.


The G4 events award the following ranking points:

1st.  place: 40 points.

2nd.  place: 24 points.

3rd. places: 14.4 points.

5th. places: 8.64 points.


Suzhou, China is the first city that will welcome the first 35 best ranked athletes in each weight division from July 4- 6, plus one athlete from the host country.  At the bottom of this article you will find a link in which you can see the official WTF Ranking and find out the athletes who will be there.

The road to attend the Grand Prix and the Olympics directly is becoming narrower, since for the final edition to be held in December in Mexico, only the Top 8 in each weight category will be invited.  Being the Final Grand Prix a G-8 event will be a stepping stone to the invited athletes in their attempt to attend the Olympics.


April 2014WTF Olympic Ranking (PDF)



Alex Korram, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com



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