Mario Mandel explains the role of a WTF Technical Delegate

The is the one who audits the sanctioned events and is also responsible for controlling and supervising that all the details are within the stipulated by the .



First of all, I would like you to explain to the Taekwondo community your presence in many WTF sanctioned events lately.

Well, after I left the WTF Executive Council, the World Taekwondo Federation asked my collaboration in different aspects, but mainly appointing me Technical Delegate at “G” events which award WTF Ranking points.  Mostly I was sent to competitions held for the first where the organizing committee doesn´t have the necessary experience on how to conduct a championship with these characteristics.

I am deeply grateful to the WTF for considering me to do this task and I do it with pleasure and dedication.


Eight years working in the WTF Executive Council.  What can you tell us about it?

As you say, I worked in the WTF Council during eight years and it was a rewarding experience.  When, Dr. Choue (WTF President)  asked me in what field I would  like to work, I always told him that I love the technical area;  I love being in the competitions and close to the competition area. I guess it is because of my background as International Referee.


Latin America is a region where big international sports events are rarely organized, except for Mexico, which undoubtedly is among the best in the world.  However, the other countries are taking their first steps. What can you tell us about this process?

It has truly been a little difficult, but I think with the help of each one of us, the organization of events will be improved.  The organizing committees in Latin America are not completely informed about the WTF requirements for this type of competitions.  But the idea is to work closely with the organizing committees in order to improve the general quality of the events, in regards of the organization itself and the sports competiveness which is necessary in Latin America.




Basically what is the role of a Technical Delegate in a competition?

Well, basically the Technical Delegate must be present in the competition area, but not just at the time of the competition but in everything related to the event itself, from the draw, weighing, drug test.  The technical delegate must also supervise that the equipment, systems, protectors, uniforms, etc. are WTF-approved.  These, among other issues are required by the WTF in order to sanction an event as G-1 or G-2.


In what issue the WTF puts more emphasis?

Being a WTF sanctioned event in which Ranking points are awarded, the most important issue is to send the complete results so that they can calculate the ranking points and calculate the points in each athlete´s record.  It is very important that the can update the ranking immediately so that each athlete knows in which position is at the end of a month.   Another important issue for the WTF is the Anti-Doping Test, as it is very necessary because we all want a free-drug Taekwondo and that is why we are so insistent with the organizing committees that these tests are carried out in accordance with the IOC and the WTF requirements.


Does the WTF make the same requirements in Europe, Asia, America or Africa?

Yes, exactly, and that is why it is a major challenge for Latin America to be at the forefront and catch up with what it´s being done in developed countries.


But the requirements are the same?

Of course, the requirements are the same for everyone. A country that wants to organize a “G” event must meet the requirements set by the WTF, because the idea is that athletes from all over the world come to Latin America and find the same standards as any “G” event carried out in a developed country.


What do you think about the future of “G” events?

We must work hard so that the difference between Latin America and developed countries or with experienced in hosting major competitions countries is not noticed.


What are your future engagements?

Since I left the WTF Council, I went back my routine duties in Chile, but every time the WTF needs my collaboration, I will gladly do it.


Mario, thank you very much and good luck.

I thank for being concerned about all the aspects of our sport.


Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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