Adidas-KP & P launches new Electronic Headgear

The firm in partnership with launched its electronic headgear during the recently held in .   There was a presentation for the public in general and one exclusive for

2014-04-06_84122x_Adidas_KPnP_HeadElectronicProtector01_-e1396830782268Using the technology employed in the trunk protectors, the new Adidas-KP&P electronic headgear is in the market to lessen the degree of subjectivity in competition.  Find out the characteristics of this new tool.


General Information

•        Safety:  minimizes the exposure of electronic magnetic waves. Skin-friendly.

•        Performance:  Follows WTF regulations and rules.  Detects all strikes above the clavicle.

•        Operating support system:  Vibration functions in the Referee Scoring Box.   LED light system for a new competition experience.

•        Design:  Similar to the general headgear.  Transmitter is embedded in the EHP.


Impact Sensor

•        Impact sensor covers the entire Head Protector.  Minimized the impact deviation of the EHP.

•        Excellent durability.

•        Easy to make into various shapes

•        Excellent impact performance in consistency with linearity & uniformity.

•        Detects tiny impulse value.

•        Detects impacts that are uncovered by the Head Protector, such as the face and the neck.


Proximity Sensor

•        RFID international standard.

•        Detects valid impact or strike.

•        Embedded RFID tag (unique ID) distinguish Fist & Kick

•        The antenna can change the range of the proximity sensors.

Cell Phone Radiation

•        2 Anti-Electro-Magnetic Shield wraps all around the E-Head Protectors.  The waves that reach the head is close to nothing.

•        Cell Phone Radiation:  Cellphones 1.6 W/g > Adidas – KP&P   EHP  0.000691mW/g


(Source:  Korea Electric Testing Institute)


After many tests carried out in events in Korea and now ready to perform in the WTF sanctioned events, these new headgears are expected to win the market and the preference of all Taekwondo practitioners.


Alex Korram, Exclusive masTaekwondo.com




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