Santo Domingo 20140

Cuban Athletes Qualified at the Central American and the Caribbean Games

also added crowns for and , in the 53 and 62 kilogram categories, respectively, with (46) second.



World champions Glehnis Hernandez and Rafael Alba, from Cuba, won their respective 73 and 87 kilogram divisions at the event continuing here today, to qualify taekwondo competitors for the Central American and Caribbean Games, as per

The multi-sport event will be held in Veracruz, Mexico, from November 14 to 30 where 160 representatives of the discipline will compete. Hernandez left the silver for host Katherine Rodriguez. while bronzes went to Mercedes Gutierrez, Costa Rica, and Sandra Julieth Vanegas, of Colombia.

Meanwhile, Alba surpassed Jamaican Craig Brown in the final. with Dominican Derlin Reyes and Stuart Smith of Aruba coming in third. Cuba also added crowns for Yamicel Nuñez and Nidia Muñoz, in the 53 and 62 kilogram categories, respectively, with Yosmailys Ferrer (46) second.

Ferrer’s immediate followers were the local Mayelín Reyes and Colombian Lizeth Avella while behind Nuñez were the Dominican Disnancy Polanco, in second place, and Guatemalan Estefanie Pedroza and Panamanian Natalia Stanziola in third.

Venezuelan Adanys Cordero was beaten in the battle for gold against Munoz, while Yudy Perez of Colombia, and Yohaira Diaz, from the host country, finished with bronze.

In the 54, 63 and 74 kg divisions for men, Duvan Avella, Luis Pie, and Javier Medina, from Colombia, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, respectively, remained unbeaten. Their victims in the last contest were the Dominican Eduardo Espinosa, the Venezuelan Gustavo Machado, and the Cuban Jose Angel Cobas.

Bronze medals went to Costa Rican Pablo Solano and Panamanian Luis Gaitan, the Cuban Ernesto Lloren, Honduran Mauricio Borjas, Colombian Jose Miguel Estupiñan, and Dominican Ruddy Emmanuel Mateo. Team

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