WTF designated Regional Training Centre for Juniors Opens

A board-hanging ceremony for the WTF-designated junior training centre was held at the Shenzhen Sports School, with the attendance of WTF President Chungwon Choue and other dignitaries from the Chinese Taekwondo Association and the Shenzhen Sports School.

xxx_masTaekwondo_LOGO-WTF_250-2According to WTF, the World Taekwondo Federation­ designated regional training center for juniors was opened in a ceremony in Shenzhen, China on 16 March, 2014.

The Taekwondo Hall at the Shenzhen Sports School in China‘s Guangdong Province was designated by the WTF as the world taekwondo governing body’s regional training center for juniors, the first of its kind.

The 303 sq.­meter taekwondo hall at the school is one of the largest taekwondo­ dedicated training spaces in the world. A board­hanging ceremony for the WTF­ designated junior training center was held at the Shenzhen Sports School, with the attendance of WTF President Chungwon Choue and other  dignitaries from the Chinese Taekwondo Association and the Shenzhen Sports School.

WTF President Choue said in his speech at the ceremony, “The Shenzhen WTF junior training  center  will  serve  as  a  regional  base  for  youth  training,  for  seminars  and workshops for young athletes, and for training courses for international referees, coaches and taekwondo administrators.” “Moreover, I also expect that this center will become a training center for para­athletes. Having achieved Olympic status for taekwondo in 2020 as a core sport, the WTF sees Paralympic recognition as its next big mission,” Choue said. “Para­taekwondo kyorugi has been shortlisted for the official program of the 2020 Paralympic Games. A final decision will be made in October this year in Berlin, Germany.”

The Shenzhen Sports School is the fifth WTF ­designated regional training center in the world and the second in China after the Shichahai Sports School, which was designated by the WTF as its first regional training center in 2008. The Musado Center in Baku, Azerbaijan was designated as the WTF‘s second regional training center in 2009, and a third center was opened in the same year in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The WTF opened its fourth regional training center in Tehran, Iran in 2010. Reflecting a growing popularity of taekwondo worldwide, other countries, including RussiaCroatia and Kazakhstan, have expressed their willingness to establish WTF regional training centers. Team


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